Concept Arts

First Concept Art made for the main character of a 3D action game project

More detailed art of the character with the updated weapons and style, placeholder name of Mr. Roboto given

Unfinished trial for a menu art showing the possible katana – pistol transformation and rather dashing looks

Just a tree concept that I’m very proud of

First boss design for a side scrolling grappling hook adventure 2D game. One of my favourite designs for “Rusty”

Supposed to be the upper body part of a huge spider like creature that would also be the last boss. Who would’ve guessed

The boss for a “Mine” theme map, would be a corrupted work chief of the place. A shame I never finish these legs

The first concept made for the main character, that would have the arm replaced by the Grappling Hook. Quite default looking, quite quickly discarded

A new thing for me, map drawing, so the first areas in the left look really bad while the style improved quite nicelly along the right and upper part

The main Title screen for the UFRGS GDS GameJam game Sapurai. It was animated too:

The faces of the main characters for another GameJam, 2 years before Sapurai. Behind is a room map asset for the game

“The villain is the hero” was the theme, “Just Kill Me” was the name, “This” was the menu art


But seriously, these were actual concepts for a “Mexican Duel” game project that never got much attention afterwards

Not actually a ~digital~ game concept, it was just meant to be the “shops” visuals from a RPG adventure I was creating long ago. Quite cute